DNA Extraction from odd sources...

Rachel Bereson rbereson at lamar.ColoState.EDU
Sun Mar 1 18:31:55 EST 1992

>There is a guy (whose name I could get you if they ever fix the e-mail
>here) in Ottawa doing species identification of birds from feather
>particles.  The work is funded by our Defense Department, so you can 
>guess how (but the why is a stumper, eh?) the feathers get turned into
>such small pieces.  I don't know if he's using DNA or protein, I could
>look into this a bit for you.  Post any reply here, cuz like I say, I'm
>deaf and blind to e-mail.
Actually you can id birds from their feather particles based on molecular
structure alone.  I imagine the defense department wants to know which
birds are colliding with their airplanes (then what will they do, hmm?)
Rachel Bereson

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