Biological Rhythms Summer Course

Thomas M. Breeden tmb at faraday.clas.Virginia.EDU
Mon May 11 11:29:17 EST 1992


The Center for Biological Timing at the University of Virginia
is offering a four-week course on Biological Rhythms beginning July 15.

The course is designed to introduce advanced undergraduate, graduate and
postdoctoral students to the field of biological timing.  Each week of the
four week course includes five morning lectures, afternoon laboratory and
tutorial sessions, and four evening research lectures.  Saturdays will be
reserved for advanced workshops and technical tutorials.  The course
carries 3 units of graduate credit from the School of Continuing Education
at the University of Virginia.

A preliminary class schedule indicating specific subjects covered as well
as names of visiting faculty and guest lecturers is available on
request (or can be downloaded from the Biotiming Bulletin Board on - login as "biotiming").

If you are interested in attending or have questions concerning
the course, please contact Dr. Gene Block at gdb at, 804/982-5480,
or call the Center at 804/982-5226, clock at, for more information.


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