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Rainer Sachs sachs at tanner.berkeley.edu
Sun May 10 23:28:45 EST 1992

In article <1992May10.231915.28103 at ncsu.edu> samodena at csemail.cropsci.ncsu.edu (S. A. Modena@) writes:
>Why think of founding electronic publishing, ...

>   What special feature(s) or advantage(s) of electronic 
>   publishing will benefit your discipline(s)?

As far as I am concerned, having *abstracts* on line is
an enormous convenience.  Medline is easily worth
its weight in gold.  But whole papers seems like
overkill to me.  Consequently I think a good start would
be for journals to say "we welcome it if those who
submit an article also put the submitted abstract on line
electronically, even prior to peer review."  
As far as I can see this would have many 
of the proposed advantages of electronic publishing without
many of the disadvantages.  Perhaps it would ultimately 
grow into something more extensive, perhaps not.

Of course the crucial feature is cross-indexing.  Authors
would learn to do it pretty well, I think.

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