Electronic publications - before and after

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Fri May 8 16:16:00 EST 1992

>From: kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET(David Kristofferson)
>Subject: Re: Electronc publishing - before and after
>Date: 8 May 92 17:54:06 GMT
>for any research project, there will be certain seminal papers that
>one *must* study in detail.  I think that it will be a tremendous boon
>to researchers not only to have the text of the paper available but
>also be able to call up the commentary on that paper.  Under the

Dave is certainly correct here.  Note, however, this all
refers to POST publication commentary.  As others have
noted, more than enough is getting published.  My
experience has been that anything worth publishing will
eventually find a home somewhere (including some very
marginal ones of my own :-).  The current filter works.
What electronics can do is not replace the current peer
review system, but supplement by doing things that journals

Sam Scheiner

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