Missing Genbank update files

Malin Masreliez masrelia at bionette.cgrb.orst.edu
Wed Nov 4 14:32:07 EST 1992

Hello All-

We here at OSU are dependent on the Genbank update files released every
couple of days from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.  During the month of September, the
system administrator changed and for some reason our script did not pick
up the update files between 8/31/92 and 9/28/92.  The files are not 
available from NCBI at the present.  If anyone knows of a site which may
have these files, or if anyone has these files and would be willing to 
give us a copy, we would be most appreciative.

Please reply via e-mail (my addresses are below).

Thanks in advance-

Malin Masreliez
Biological Software Support
masrelia at bionette.cgrb.orst.edu OR masrelia at ava.bcc.orst.edu

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