PARLE'93: Final Call for Papers

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                          |                      |
                          |      F I N A L       |
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                          |   CALL FOR PAPERS    |
                          |                      |

                             P   P  A  A   R   R  L    E    9   9     3
              AND LANGUAGES  PPP    AAAA   RRR    L    EEE   9999   33
                             P     A    A  R  R   L    E        9     3
                     EUROPE  P     A    A  R   R  LLLL EEEE  999   333

                             Marriott Hotel, Munich, Germany
                             June 14 - 18, 1993

The PARLE conferences are organised on a non-profit basis and have
established a world-wide reputation for their excellence and broad coverage
of the theory, design and application of parallel computer systems. PARLE
'93 continues the tradition of providing a forum for the exchange of ideas
and experience amongst a wide, international community of specialists from
both academia and industry.

PARLE '93 also includes tutorials covering advanced parallel processing
techniques and an industrial exhibition featuring many of the leading
international suppliers of parallel machines & software.

                         CONFERENCE AREAS

% Parallel Machines & Systems       % Design of Parallel Architectures
- shared, clustered, and            - multiprocessor design issues
  distributed memory machine        - interconnection networks
- massively parallel systems        - cache organization
- neural networks                   - specification and verification
- evaluation, simulation and

% Parallel Operating Systems        % Parallel Programming Languages
- scheduling                        - language constructs
- load balancing                    - semantics
- memory management                 - programming environments
- run-time systems                  - implementation issues

% Design of Parallel Programs       % Applications of Parallel Systems
- parallel algorithms               - decision support
- complexity analysis               - databases
- formal program development        - industrial and business
  methodologies                       applications
- specification and verification    - scientific computing

                       SUBMISSION OF PAPERS

Authors should send five paper copies of a full draft in English and not
exceeding 6000 words to the official conference mailing address (see below)
before 20 November 1992.

A cover page should contain the author's full name, address, telephone
number, FAX number, e-mail address and a 100-word abstract together with a
few keywords (taken from the list of conference topics, above). To allow
submissions to be refereed blind, the author's identity should appear only
on a cover page.

Authors of high-quality papers that cannot be included in the main
conference sessions but deserve presentation will be invited to participate
in a poster session to be held during the conference. A 4-page summary of
such papers will be published in the proceedings. Authors must indicate
whether or not they would accept such an invitation on the cover sheet.

Authors will be notified of acceptance by 12 February 1993. Camera ready
copies of accepted papers will be required by 19 March 1993.
A best paper award will be presented at the conference.


                PARLE '93                 Tel:  +49 89 92 69 90
                Arabellastr. 17           FAX:  +49 89 92 69 91 70
                8000 Munich 81
                GERMANY                   e-mail: parle at

                          STEERING COMMITTEE

Werner Damm (U. of Oldenburg, D)         Jorgen Staunstrup (TU Denmark, DK)
Jose Delgado (INESC, P)                  Jean-Claude Syre (Bull SA, F)
Lucio Grandinetti (U. of Calabria, I)    Mateo Valero (U. of Catalunya, E)
Constantin Halatsis (U. of Athens, GR)   Thierry Van der Pyl (DG XIII, CEC)
Ron Perrot (U. of Belfast, UK)           Pierre Wolper (U. of Liege, B)
Martin Rem (TU Eindhoven, NL)  

                          ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

Arndt Bode  (T. U. Munich, D)                 Joint Programme Chair
Werner Damm  (U. of Oldenburg, D)             Steering Committee Liaison
Doug DeGroot  (Texas Instruments/CSC, USA)    N. & S. American Co-ordinator
Ulrike Jendis  (ECRC, D)                      Treasurer
Peter Kacsuk  (KFKI, H)                       East European Co-ordinator
Masaru Kitsuregawa  (U. of Tokyo, J)          Japan & Asian Co-ordinator
Rudi Kober  (Siemens/ZFE, D)                  Exhibition Chair
Michael Ratcliffe  (ECRC, D)                  Organizing Committee Chair
Mike Reeve  (ECRC, D)                         Joint Programme Chair
Gottfried Wolf  (DLR, D)                      Joint Programme Chair


Emile Aarts (Philips/Research, N        Michalis Hatzopoulos (U. of Athens,
Gul Agha (U. of Illinois, USA)          Hiromu Hayashi (Fujitsu Labs., J)
Khayri Ali (SICS, S)                    Manuel Hermenegildo (U. of Madrid,
Makoto Amamiya (Kyushu U., J)           Tony Hey (U. of Southampton, UK)
Francoise Andre (IRISA, F)              Peter Hilbers (Shell/Research, NL)
Gianfranco Balbo (U. of Torino, I)      Ladislav Hluchy (Slovak A. Sci.,
Bjorn Bergsten (Bull/RADO, F)           Chris Jesshope (U. of Surrey, UK)
Maurelio Boari (U. of Bologna, I)       Peter Kacsuk (KFKI, H)
Kiril Boyanov (Bulgarian A. Sci., BU)   Martin Kersten (CWI, NL)
Andrzej Ciepielewski (Carlstedt, S      Masaru Kitsuregawa (U. of Tokyo, J)
Michel Cosnard (ENS, F)                 Rao Kotagiri (U. of Melbourne, AUS)
Felix Costa (INESC, P)                  Simon Lavington (U. of Essex, UK)
Jose Cunha (U. Nova de Lisboa, P)       Bernard Lecussan (U. of Toulouse,
Bill Dally (MIT, USA)                   Burkhard Monien (U. of Paderborn,
John Darlington (Imperial College, UK)  Peter Mller-Stoy (Siemens/ZFE, D)
Doug DeGroot (TI/CSC, USA)              Lee Naish (U. of Melbourne, AUS)
Josep Diaz (U. of Catalunya, E)         Flemming Nielson (U. of Aarhus, DK)
Daniel Etiemble (U. of Paris-Sud, F)    Wolfgang Paul (U. of Saarbrcken,
Geoffrey Fox (Syracuse U., USA)         Emile Restivo (U. of Porto, P)
Ivan Futo (Multilogic, H)               Leonardo Roncarlo (Elsag, I)
Guang Gao (McGill U., CDN)              Dirk Roose (K. U. Leuven, B)
Jean Luc Gaudiot (USC, USA)             Paul Spirakis (U. of Patras, GR)
David Gelernter (Yale, USA)             Kazuo Taki (Kobe U., J)
Wolfgang Gentzsch (GENIAS Software, D)  Hiroaki Terada (Osaka U., J)
Pascal Gribomont (I. Montefiore, B)     Mario Tokoro (Keio U., J)
Jozef Gruska (U. of Hamburg, D)         Roman Trobec (Inst. "J. Stefan",
Anoop Gupta (Stanford, USA)             Ulrich Trottenberg (GMD, D)
John Gurd (U. of Manchester, UK)        Marek Tudruj (Polish A. Sci., PL)
Chris Hankin (Imperial College, UK)     Emile Zapata (U. of Malaga, E)


PARLE '93 will receive financial support from the Commission of the
European Communities through the ESPRIT programme and from ECRC.

PARLE '93 is being promoted with the support of the GI (Gesellschaft fr
Informatik), ITG (Informationstechnische Gesellschaft), AFCET (Association
Francaise des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et des Systemes)
and CEPIS (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies).

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