Seeking a modern text for cytogenetics

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Thu Nov 5 12:08:19 EST 1992

I am looking for a textbook appropriate for an undergraduate course in
introductory cytogenetics. The course that I teach along with a colleague
attempts to retain the main elements of a classical course in cytogenetics,
integrated with a more modern molecular biological approach.  In the past
the course used Schultz & Schafer as a recommended text for the "classical
cytogenetics", and Darnell et al. Molecular Cell Biology for the material
on chromatin, genome organization and chromosome structure. 
I dislike making these distinctions, and would like to be able
to teach this course as an integrated body of knowledge.

Has anyone written a more recent text that brings cytogenetics into the
1990's (or even the 1980's?). None of the texts I've seen do this.

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