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Sun Nov 15 11:56:10 EST 1992

I am a senior undergraduate, working on my senior essay in the Department of
Political Science, here at Yale.  The essay is focused on conservation of
biological diversity, and more specifically, on diversity conservation in the
rain forests of South and Central America.  I have a good deal of information
on the biological, economic, and international political issues surrounding the
diversity conservation problem.  How   r, I have seen very little in the
literature on national, regional, or community-level organizations concerned
with either the pro-consumption, or pro-protection sides of the issue.  I am
told that very little is available in English on the subject, and am, therfore,
wondering if any researchers with recent experience in South or Central America
would be willing to detail their experiences in working with whatever
organizations may be extent in the region.  I have focused the essay toward the
international choices available t groups interested in conservation of
biodiversity, but have *no* information (which I can cite), to support the
supposition that interest groups on the national, regional, or local levels
exist in these countries.  Any first-hand   anecdotal evidence would probably
be sufficient to support the point that non-external forces are working to
conserve/destroy local rainforest diversity.
Thanks, in advance, for any assistance that can be provided on this matter.
Matthew Weed
Yale/Silliman 93.

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