Ben Jones jonesbb at BELOIT.EDU
Mon Nov 16 21:07:55 EST 1992

A couple of months ago there was a request for information about screen
capture programs for the Mac.  I chipped in advice about a utility called
Black Box, which I said was available from sumex.  Well, it wasn't on sumex
anymore, and someone emailed me directly to find out where else it might
be.  I said I'd contact him or her when I found a copy.

I found a copy in my archives, but I accidentally deleted the email message
with the address.  If the person who requested it still wants a copy,
please contact me directly.  Or anyone else, for that matter.


Ben Jones                  BioQUEST / Department of Biology
jonesbb at beloit.edu         Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin

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