Microbial decomposition of flowers and seeds

Stuart Ralston stuart at cosc.canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Nov 16 22:40:25 EST 1992

This is an abstract of my Masters thesis in Environmental Science.
Is anyone else working in this area or have any information to help

Flowers and seeds are produced by most plants each year and enter
the soil system at some stage.  Ungerminated seeds and flowers are
available for enzymatic attack by micro-organisms in the soil.
This study is to quantify the amount and rate of decompostion of
a range of flowers and seeds, including native species.  Weight loss,
nitrogen mineralisation and carbon dioxide loss will be monitored
during decomposition at various time, temperature and water regimes.
It is hoped that the results will help to gain an idea of the rate of
flower and seed decomposition, as well as nutrient turnover and soil

Thanks in advance,

Delwyn Walker

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