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>>I am currently looking for information about a Human Database:
>>IGD, Integrated Genomic Database, that I understand should be related
>>to the Human Genome project, does anyone have more information about it?
>>Who developed it, where is available by ftp etc.
>I'm not sure but could you be thinking of the Genome Database (GDB)?

The person you should contact for more information on the IGD project

Otto Ritter
email: dok261 at

The Integrated Genome Database (IGD) aims to integrate as much human
genome data as possible and graphically display it using Durbin &
Thierry-Mieg's ACeDB program. 

We have the preliminary version (IGD-FRED-ACE) set up on our system. 
The whole IGD system is still in the developmental phase, but it is
still very impressive. 

The IGD-FRED-ACE is the front-end database of the IGD.  The whole IGD
system is still in the developmental phase, and consequently the data is
not complete.  The current data held, as of June 26, 1992 is:

   Class            # of objs   Naming          Source DB(s)
   Chromosome          24                       GDB
   Chrom_Band         625                       GDB
   Gene              2986       HGM symbols     GDB
   Locus            13838       HGM symbols     GDB
   Sequence         12436       em:<ID>         EMBL    (primate only)
                     2211       sw:<ID>         SwissProt (human only)
   Clone             4289                       RLDB(ICRF), Xq28
   Contig              18                       Xq28
   OMIM              5759       <MIM #>         OMIM
   Probe            24009       gdb:<ID_#>      GDB
                      766       dp:<ID_#>       UK DNA Probe (ICRF)
                      444       rl:<ID_#>       RLDB(ICRF)
   Clone_Grid           1                       Xq28
   Image                2                       Xq28
   TOTAL           278,099 objects / 173 Mbytes of disk space

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