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Fri Nov 20 11:52:32 EST 1992

Comment: Some time ago, I sent the following message to the BIONAUTS
	 newsgroup. I am not shure whether this message went also
	 through the channels of BIOFORUM. Therfore I am sending it
	 (again?) to this newsgroup.
	 Anyway, I am looking forward to any response. In case you are
	 interested please specify briefly your particular interests,
	 i.e. why you believe that a cereal virus newsgroup would be
	 useful for you.

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Date: 12 Nov 1992 09:07:50 -0600 (CST)
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Subject: Cereal virus usersgroup
To: bio-naut <@CGNET.COM:bio-naut at net.bio.net>

CIMMYT may be interested in the future to electronically connect
people studying barley yellow dwarf viruses or cereal viruses in

I am trying to find out how many BYDV and cereal virus researchers
are currently using BIOSCI. I am also especially interested
to know how many scientists in the developing world may have access
to these communication channels.

Please let me know if you are conducting research in this area, if
you would be interested in such a mailing list, or if you just know
of somebody who is working in this area and who may be hooked onto

L. Bertschinger
CIMMYT, Apdo Postal 6-641, 06600 Mexico, D. F., Mexico
Tels. (595) 42100/42011; Fax (595) 41069
E-mail (Internet): l.bertschinger at cgnet.com; (Cgnet): l.bertschinger

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