pUC119 : Info wanted.

P Roberts proberts at castle.ed.ac.uk
Fri Nov 20 06:56:19 EST 1992

>> {request for info about pUC119 deleted}

wetsel_r at wums.wustl.edu writes:
>Forgive the stupid question... are you sure it's pUC119 as in *119*????  
>I've heard of pUC19, as in *19*, but not 119.  If it is in fact pUC19 that 
>you need, I think I can provide it to you but having been in mol-bio for 5 
>years, I've never heard of pUC119.

>Best regards,

>David L. Haviland
>haviland at kids.wustl.edu

  Yes, I am sure it is pUC119 and not pUC19.  That is why I requested
help.  I too had never come across this particular plasmid despite
having used various other pUC vectors (including pUC19).  A kind person,
whose name escapes me at the moment, has informed me via e-mail that
pUC119 is a derivative of pUC19 that contains a phage origin of
replication and suggested that I try some of the original Messing papers
where they think it was mentioned.  Many thanks for this information; I
would, however, still be interested in acquiring the sequence if anyone
has it on-line.


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