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Sat Nov 21 10:02:09 EST 1992

>In article <1992Nov18.172914.25335 at>, fbignone at (Franco Bignone) writes:
>>I am currently looking for information about a Human Database:
>>IGD, Integrated Genomic Database, that I understand should be related
>>to the Human Genome project, does anyone have more information about it?
>>Who developed it, where is available by ftp etc.

IGD is developed at the Cancer Center in Heidelberg, Germany by Otto
Ritter.  IGD's goal is to integrate many of the current human genome
databases. IGD currently connected with GDB. Otto is also working on
using the ACEDB software for presentation of the database information
on top of a Sybase database. I'm not sure if IGD is online yet. Otto
can be reached at: dok261 at

Mike Cherry
cherry at

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