info request IGD database

Daz darrenp at
Sun Nov 22 21:37:47 EST 1992

fbignone at (Franco Bignone) writes:

>I am currently looking for information about a Human Database:
>IGD, Integrated Genomic Database, that I understand should be related
>to the Human Genome project, does anyone have more information about it?
>Who developed it, where is available by ftp etc.
I saw a presentation on it at a conference in Chester - he demoed the
Integrated Genome Database. The person I spoke to was Otto Ritter at
the DKFZ (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum)
Im Neuenheimer Feld 280
D-6900 Heildeberg, Germany.

I don't have an email address handy - and would appreciate one if you
locate it. If you want the whole database, ftp isn't the way to go.
It was over 200Mb when I spoke to him.

Hope this helps,
Darren Platt, Department of Computer Science
darrenp at
Monash University, Clayton Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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