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Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Mon Oct 5 02:39:52 EST 1992

In <4016 at fcs280s.ncifcrf.gov> pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov (Paul N Hengen) writes:

I would like to share this idea with you regarding the preparation of
FAQ's. It is something I have done here at CSC on our gopher.

When people respond to you via e-mail if you have a e-mail reader such as
ELM you can tag all the messages regarding hybridization and then save them
into a ELM mail folder called hybrid. Do the same for PCR or any other
subject that you want to make a FAQ from and save them all into different 
ELM folders.

If you pop down to the Mail directory you will see that the ELM folder is
in actual fact a file. You can copy this file into the the gopher directory
and when you look at it with gopher the Subject lines from the individual
mail messages appear as an ITEM on the gopher menu... which is very neat.

So instead of having ONE big file to scroll through you have small individual
items to sellect from and you can further use the / command within gopher
to search for specific words within the folder which is a quick way to
to get to the subjects that you want.

I have one directory in our gopher called "Essential reading for the novice
Bionaut". When I read Usenet and I find an article that has good information
in it I mail a copy of it to myself. Read it in ELM, tag it and save it to
the "esential" mail folder and it can then be read from within gopher. I am
also using this method to make up a FAQ on "biological FTP sites"

I would be interested in ALSO receiving any responses that you get from
your survey so if you forward them on to me I would willingly make up
a gopher FAQ from them since it is so easy to do.

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