Mouse Immunoglobulin Allotypes?

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In Article <1992Sep27.200450.1 at> Paul Costantino writes:

> I am working with the following strains of mice; AKR, C57Bl/6J,  CBA/H  and
> BALB/c  I would like to know what the immunoglobulin gene allotypes are for
> these strains. ie. allotypes for  gammaG1,  gammaG2a,  and  gammaG2b?   The
> names  of  relavent journals would be appreciated. I have only been able to
> find the gamma2a allotype for the  BALB/c  mice  but  am  looking  for  the
> others.
Maybe, you have received some informations from others.
What I know is as follows:

		IgG2a	IgA	IgG2b	IgG1	IgD	IgM
strain name	(Igh1)	(Igh2)	(Igh3)	(Igh4)	(Igh5)	(Igh6)
A		[e]	de	e	acdefgh
AKR		[d]	de	d	acdefgh
BALB/c		[a]	ah	ach	acdefgh
C3H/HeJ		a
C57BL/10	[b]
C57BL/6		b	b	b	b
C57BR/cd	a
C57L		a
C58		a
CBA/J		a
CE		[f]	f	f	acdefgh
DBA/1		c
DBA/2		[c]	cg	ach	acdefgh
NZB		e
RF		c
RIII		[g]	cg	g	acdefgh
SEA		[h]	ah	ach	acdefgh
SJL		b
SWR		c
* [] means that the strain marked is type strain.

Reference: "Mouse immunoglobulin allotypes: description and special
           methodology", by L.A.Herzenberg and L.A.Herzenberg
           Handbookd of Experimental Immunology, Second Edition
           Edited by D.M.Weir, Blackwell Scientific Publications
           1973, Oxford, ISBN 0 632 09660 8

Hope this helps you.

ps. Pharmingen is selling several allotype-specific monoclonal antibodies.
    So, Pharmingen may have more detailed information.
    Pharmingen: 11555 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 USA
                Tel: (619)792-5730, FAX: (619)792-5238

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