Internet Survey

Susan Hagan shagan at
Thu Oct 15 09:57:09 EST 1992

Hello Netters!

The following is a survey on Internet users and usage.  I am
conducting this survey as part of an assignment for a graduate
course in telecommunications.

I would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to answer
these questions and return them to me via e-mail.  Please do
not post your responses.  Send e-mail only.

Thank you,

Susan Hagan


1.	What is the Internet?

2.	What is your primary use for the Internet?

3.	How were you first introduced to the Internet?

4.	How did you learn to use the Internet and what do you do when you
	have a question about Internet use?

5.	Would you say that you can, provide you have the time, log in:
		a)  any time, day or night?
		b)  during business hours?
		c)  after business hours?
		d)  by appointment only?
		e)  when a computer lab is open?

6.	How often do you log into the Internet?

7.	How many newsgroups do you read regularly?

8.	Are newsgroups your primary source of information or do they 
	supplement information from other sources such as library 
	materials and newspapers?

9.	Do you pay for your news feed?  If so, how are your charges calculated?

10.	To the best of your knowledge, is your Internet use monitored
	in any way by your employer?

11.	How old are you?

12.	Are you male or female?

13.	What is your occupation?

14.	What is the highest level of education you completed and what 
	was/is the focus of your studies?

Susan R. Hagan (shagan at 
Publications Coordinator - User Services
Rutgers University Computing Services

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