Any info on Zoloft?

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Sat Oct 17 07:24:22 EST 1992

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>A friend of mine has a daughter who has seen a psychiatrist for some
>mild depression.  He prescribed a trial run of Zoloft, which according
>to him is a relatively new anti-depressant medication.  I cannot
>find a reference in the 1992 PDR.  Does anyone know anything about
>this drug (site/mechanism of action, possible side effects, etc.)?
Two thoughts:

1. Why not start a trial of tried and true (e.g. imipramine) known to
be useful in pediatric depressive illness? Of course new drugs may
represent important therapeutic advances but with downside of less
experience on optimizing dose, rare adverse effects, metabolic impacts,

2. Ask the pharmacist where your friend trades. He/she will have the
package insert (that is, the FDA-approved detailed labeling information)
that comes with every big bottle of medication. [These are sometimes
reproduced in PDR, if the drug company chooses to list it there]. 
The retail pharmacist is often an expert on drug information, especially
on drug interactions, dosage, side effects, etc. A hospital-based
pharmacist is ALWAYS such an expert. Docs try to stay informed about
pharmaceutics but have many other concerns.     

Hope this helps.

Alan Magid
Clinical Trials Support Services
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Disclaimer: My opinion only. Only a licensed practioner may prescribe
medications. The ultimate responsibility for choosing/refusing medical
treatment falls on the individual patient/parent.

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