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> I just bought a boa constrictor and was wondering what it's
>eating habits would be like.He's about 1ft long and not quite
>an inch in diameter.

Before acquiring an exotic animal, one should try to find out these things
before hand.  You should ask the people you bought it from about the creature's
habits, and if they can't tell you, then they have no business selling
animals to the unsuspecting.  *grumble*
My bellydance teacher had boas and she kept them in a glass tank with a 
lamp and a place for shade.  Water available at all times and LIVE food.
Usually mice, and depending on the size of the snake, the time between meals
varied.  I don't recall what the flooring was made of, but I do know that
snakes have sensitive skin and articles on dancing with snakes cautioned 
against certain materials that could injure the reptile.

Get yourself a good book on the subject, and good luck finding a veterinarian
who deals in reptiles.  Best to do that NOW before you need one.

And next time, do your homework before acquiring ANY species of exotic
animal, bird, or reptile.  OKAY??

*hops off soapbox*


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