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>> I just bought a boa constrictor and was wondering what it's
>>eating habits would be like.He's about 1ft long and not quite
>>an inch in diameter.
>Before acquiring an exotic animal, one should try to find out these things
>before hand.  You should ask the people you bought it from about the creature's
>habits, and if they can't tell you, then they have no business selling
>animals to the unsuspecting.  *grumble*
>My bellydance teacher had boas and she kept them in a glass tank with a 
>lamp and a place for shade.  Water available at all times and LIVE food.
>Usually mice, and depending on the size of the snake, the time between meals
>varied.  I don't recall what the flooring was made of, but I do know that
>snakes have sensitive skin and articles on dancing with snakes cautioned 
>against certain materials that could injure the reptile.
>Get yourself a good book on the subject, and good luck finding a veterinarian
>who deals in reptiles.  Best to do that NOW before you need one.
>And next time, do your homework before acquiring ANY species of exotic
>animal, bird, or reptile.  OKAY??

	The new boa owner might also want to try the newsgroup rec.pets.herp
	for additional information.  There are a number of knowledgeable
	people who post there who can answer questions.  There is also FAQ-
	type information available regularly which deals with the care and 
	feeding of various reptilian companions.

	I agree with Crystal, though: you really should have found out
	about this stuff BEFORE you bought the creature.

	Good luck in the information search, though.

-Rich Young (These are not Kodak's opinions.)

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