New Gopher hole for Biology

Dan Jacobson danj at
Tue Oct 20 09:45:15 EST 1992

I'm happy to announce a new Gopher hole.  I have included the 
`About this Gopher' file describing the site.


Dan Jacobson

danj at


I.  Contents

This gopher hole was created primarily as a way to provide
electronic access to documents pertaining to Computational Biology.
However this site is slowly growing to contain other types of services 
and information, including:

A)  Genbank and PIR searches (via Indiana and Houston respectively);
B)  Direct links to other Gophers which provide information relevant to 
C)  Links to all other Gophers and Wais servers (via Minnesota);
D)  Links to campus phone books worldwide (via Notre Dame);

E)  The first document relevant to Computational Biology to be provided 
    is the book:



                              JUNE 1992

     The interface between mathematics and biology has long been a rich
area of research, with mutual benefit to each supporting discipline.
To help foster a broader understanding of this interface, and to
provide an analysis of the most promising and productive areas for
expanded activity, the National Science Foundation sponsored a workshop
to explore the current and future trends at the interface between
mathematics and biology. The workshop, which was held in Washington,
DC, between April 28 and May 3, 1990, drew together a broadly based
group of researchers to synthesize conclusions from a group of working
papers and extended discussions. The result is the report presented
here, which we hope will provide a guide and stimulus to research in
mathematical and computational biology for at least the next decade. The
report identifies a number of grand challenges, representing a broad
consensus among the participants.


II.  Acknowledgments, Information

We would like to thank David Kingsbury and Dan Jacobson for their work
in preparing this book for electronic distribution.

Further thanks go to the Faxon Company and the Digital Equipment
Corporation for their support in this endeavor.

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