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Thu Oct 22 07:05:30 EST 1992

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Good Morning:
     I endorse enthusiastically Donald Forsdykes's proposal to establish
a new Bionet group for the exchange of information concerning journals.
As the editor of BioTechniques, which is associated with BioTechNet, I am
eager to promote the use of computer networks to improve communications
among editors, authors, reviewers, readers and reference librarians.
     Because of the inevitable proliferation of scientific information,
publishers must become more innovative about using electronic media and
more responsive to the needs of the scientific community.  Although many
problems are associated with development of the "electronic journal," I
hope that discussion of such topics will provide constructive feedback
to editors and publishers.
     If Donald Forsdyke's proposal is accepted, I'll be pleased to
participate.  Please address any question about BioTechniques or
Peptide Research to me by any of the following means:
      Jim Ellingboe
      Scientific Editor
      BioTechniques/Eaton Publishing
      154 East Central Street
      Natick, MA 01760
      E-Mail: jellingboe at
      Telephone: (508) 655-8282
      Fax:       (508) 655-4356
Jim Ellingboe

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