Lectin-Sugar specificity

jgpletin at VUB.AC.BE jgpletin at VUB.AC.BE
Wed Oct 28 06:37:56 EST 1992

   We have generated antibodies against the following Pseudomonas aeruginosa
   epitope :
   where ManNAcAmA = 3-acetaminido-2-acetaminido-2,3-deoxy-D-mannuronic acid
   and D-Man(NAc)2A = 2,3-diacetamido-2,3,-dideoxy-D-mannuronic acid.
   Does anybody know a lectin that specifically recognizes this structure
   and is able to discriminate between the FucNAc-(a1-> and the FucNAc-(B1->
   Replies preferably by e-mail to jgpletin at vub.ac.be. Thanks in advance.
      Jurgen Pletinckx                Department of Ultrastructure
      Vrije Universiteit Brussel      Belgium   jgpletin at vub.ac.be
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