FAQ on Gopher... was (Bionet FAQ (new, improved!)

Rob Harper harper at nic.funet.fi
Wed Oct 28 06:01:24 EST 1992

I just hacked Una's FAQ and made it available on our gopher.
if you want to add it as a link on your own system then add

Name=The Bionet FAQ

Una if you get more facts for your FAQ then please send me the INDIVIDUAL
contributions by E-mail and I will add them to the gopher Bionet FAQ
Here is the outlook from Gopher.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% CLIP %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
                              The Bionet FAQ

      1.  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
      2.  How can I get a copy of this article?.
      3.  What are the Bionet newsgroups for?  How may they be used?.
      4.  Are there any special "netiquette" rules I should know about?.
      5.  Special instructions for Usenet readers? .
      6.  Special instructions for e-mail subscribers?.
      7.  How can e-mail subscribers get Usenet news at their site?.
      8.  Where can I get other helpful documents?.
      9.  Does anyone have an e-mail address for Dr. X?.
      10. How to find a good graduate program?.
      11. Where I can get old Bionet articles?.
      12. Where can I find biology-related job announcements?.
      13. Where can I get journal contents online?
 -->  14. Suggestions for freeware or commercial software packages?.
      15. Is there a database for X?.
      16. Are there other biology newsgroups or e-mail subscription lists?.
      17. What is anonymous ftp?.
      18. How can I access ftp archives from Bitnet?.

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