American grad students at Pasteur Institute?

Stephen Spencer stephen_spencer at
Wed Oct 28 16:34:10 EST 1992

I am wondering if it is unheard of for Americans with a B.S. to study for
the Doctorat in France (and I'm particularly interested in Pasteur
Institute) in molecular biology?  Is it extremely difficult to be accepted
at Pasteur as an American grad, and if so, is Universite Pierre et Marie
Curie (Sorbonne) more likely to accept me?  I'd like to know also who the
big names are at Pasteur (and in France in general) in molecular biology,
and especially those molecular biologists specializing in human viruses,
cancer, retroviruses, and human gene therapy.

Thank you!

Stephen Spencer
University of Michigan

Internet Address:  Stephen_Spencer at

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