2nd RFD: talk.politics.medicine

Ben Delisle delisle at eskimo.celestial.com
Fri Sep 25 08:20:54 EST 1992

This is a request for discussion for the creation of one new 
news group:
     Proposed Title:  talk.politics.medicine  

       talk.politics.medicine, unmoderated.
A newsgroup to discuss politics and ethics in medicine and related
sciences and fields. Topics may include discussions on whether:
medical care should be socialized; insurance be paid for by the
individual, the company, or the state; or if it is even mandatory.
They may also include discussions on ethics of cross-species transplants;
if fetal material should be used or not; government intervention  
into the health care choices of people (such as permitting (or not)
alternative medicine to coexist with mainstream medicine, nutritional
medicine, or preventive medicine); parental or individual (non)consent to
mandatory immunization or treatment that may violate ethical or religious
beliefs; euthanasia for terminal, vegetative, or severely crippled people,
be it voluntary or non voluntary; and the right to help or refuse care to
patients based on ability to pay, ability to help or care for them, or
based on any disease they may be carrying; or any other related topics.   

Discussion on this proposal should take place in news.groups.

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