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Thu Sep 24 08:27:48 EST 1992

I am an undergraduate Political Science major, writing my senior essay on the
depletion of biodiversity, how it will affect the biotechnology sector, and the
policy choices being   made to protect biodiversity by both governments (in
Europe and North America), and corporate entities in these same areas.  I am
looking for a copy of the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity, as well as
any other relevant information on the above.  If anyone has ideas on where I
might look on the internet for this type of information I would appreciate
them.  I would also take (very happily), any other suggestions on organizations
I might call beyond the following:
The European Community
2.  The United Nations
3.  Merck, Sherck, (sp) and Done(sp),
4.  The American Museum of Natural History,
5.  The Smithsonian,
6.  The National Geographic Society,
I would appreciate these as well.
Further, if there are any other relevant newsgroups to which I should post
this, please suggest them, or if possible, please crosspost this request.
Thanks for all assistance in advance.
Matthew Weed

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