Root-Bernstein on HIV and AIDS

Dan Diaz bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Wed Sep 23 23:12:41 EST 1992

Genetic Engineering News (GEN) recently published two consecutive "Point of
View" articles by Robert Root-Bernstein on the relationship between HIV and
AIDS.  Unlike other stuff I have read casting doubt on the cause-effect
relationship between HIV and AIDS, R-B's article clearly presented a number
of verified anomalies not clearly explained by the HIV theory.  His
perspective will be further elaborated in the forthcoming book "Rethinking
AIDS".  What the article did not make clear to me was why animals injected
with purified forms of HIV-like viruses (e.g. SIV) developed AIDS-like
symptoms in the absence of other apparent infectious agents.  Perhaps some
of the more immunologically-oriented out there would care to check out the
article and give us their appraisal.
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