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Anyone planning on moving on or getting another job, especially in
academics could not possibly spend $13.00 more wisely than to buy:

Academic Environment: A Handbook for Evaluating Faculty Employment
Opportunities by Karl W. Lanks, Faculty Press.
ISBN # 0-9626658-0-0; Lib of Congress Cat # 90-081847

Faculty Press 
824 President St.
Brooklyn NY, 11215
(can't seem to get a phone number, but they ship quite fast)

   After spending perhaps a decade of your life learning more and more
about less and less, you are belched out of the lab into the real world to
find a job in academics.  Unless you have an exceptionally understanding
and compassionate advisor or a good friend who has just gone thru the
process (or even if you have) most post-docs are without the faintest idea
of how to proceed, what to ask, whom to question, what to get down on
paper, what to require as set up money, how to evaluate the department,
what the offer REALLY means, etc.
   The above book tries and succeeds pretty well in answering a lot of
these and other questions.  It also gives a very nice table of Med Schools,
ranked by their faculty on a number of criteria, including intellectual
environment, ability to raise a family nearby, etc.  That list alone is
worth the $13.

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