conditioning experiments with fishes

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>I am looking for publications on conditioning experiments on fishes. This 
>might be 
>- classical conditioning
>- operant conditioning
>- discrimination learning
>- or any form of learning experiments

>I am especially interested in experiments with the 

>    zebra fish (Brachydanio rerio)

This is not my area of research, but among the papers given me by a local
professor (Bruce Overmier) are a number dealing with fish learning.  These
tend to be focused on the role of the telecephalon in the goldfish.  

Teleost Telencephalon and Learning.... Flood, Overmier & Savage.  Physiology
& Behavior, v. 16, pp. 283-798.

Factors modulating the effects of teleost telencephalon ablation on retention,
relearning..... Overmier & Papini, Behavior Neuroscience, 1986, v. 100, 190-199.

Transfer of control of avoidance behavior in normal and telencephalon ablated
goldfish. Overmier & Starkman, Physiology & Behavior, v. 12, p. 605-608. (1974)

A more general treatment is in Chapter 8 (Fish in the Think Tank) of
Neurobiology of Comparative Cognition, Ed. by Kesner & Olton.  (1990).

You also might want to check through recent articles in the Journal of
Comparative and Physiological Psychology.  This is a journal which includes
a significant number of articles investigating the behavior of species other
than the white rat and pigeon.  

Good luck.
Mike Young

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