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Sat Sep 12 18:53:15 EST 1992

Brochure says.
                             Bio - Tech
                       THE ROLE PLAYING GAME
            Written and Illustrated by: Jason J. Tomaric
Time: 3025
Location: 3rd dimension, Earth
You are a member of a very distinct startfleet known as the Galactic
Federation. Your mission, explore space in hopes of expanding, 
charting space, and meeting other lifeforms.  That has all changed now,
and you are also fighting for your life and for the life of the entire
human species agianst an enemy so powerful, the greatest minds in the
Federation never thought could exist. They are known as the Yanchunii,
and they have sent their elite battle fleet called they Bio - Trons to 
come and assimilate the universe's cultures. You must retrieve the 
almost extinct human race and attempt to destroy this enemy before they
assimilate... everything.
Bio - Tech: The Role Playing Game has many great features to its fully
developed stucture.  The main handbook contains:
       o Over 190 pages
       o Over 50 detailed illustrations
       o Valuable charts for quick-find info
       o Fully explained instructions designed for the beginner,
         but challenging enough for the expert
       o a 17 page adventure
       o Federation startships stats
       o Sections describing Command Functions and starship facilities
       o Galactic Federation regulations
       o a regular and combat glossary
       o a Bio-Tech timeline
       o over 120 character skills
       o a variety of weapons and equipment
       o a variety of starships and other vehicles
       o The game has been fully test played
Additional text and supplements also available. Inquire at 
ar354 at Cleveland.Freenet.edu for further information, prices, costs,
questions, and or publishing dates.
Check it out :)
Jason Gone!
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