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> I think you concern about being closeminded to minority groups
> because it is more difficult to aassure their representation
> on committees is accurate.
> If everyone used the "easiest" or "simplest" way of making
> up committees, boards, etc., we would continue to have all white
> male groups making policy decisions.  It is by going to the trouble
^^^^^^^^^^^^^                                                 ^^^^^^
> of getting input from a wide variety of participant groups that we
> move toward greater equity.
> My concern on this same subject is "How do you get representation of
> underrepresented groups without taking advantage of the people
> who represent those groups.  For instance our women faculty are
> asked to serve on many committees, taking time away from the
> research and teaching responsibilities which will eventually
> earn them tenure.  As far as I can tell none of the tenure
> committees take into account time and effort spent in advising
> students, serving on department and university committees, etc.
> yet if our women faculty refuse to participate they are viewed
> as uncoperative and not interested in helping other women.  Catch 22.

     let alone being thought of as helping their *departments*
     and just run-of-the-mill *colleagues*
> Jane Daniels

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