public UseNet versus private email conversation

S. A. Modena samodena at
Wed Sep 9 21:26:40 EST 1992

This is addressed generally to readers of bionet.*:

Sometimes I receive email concerning things that I post or write to
various parts of bionet.*.  I believe that UseNet, upon which bionet
depends, is in place to encourage *public* exchanges.  Though I do
engage in email exchanges, I prefer to confine comments of a personal
nature to email and make all other comment via bionet.* as a public 

Clearly which I think are comments of a personal nature are quite
different than what some other people think are personal versus
public.  Few of you know me so well that you should feel safe making
"personal" comments, so almost all that you email should be openly

Unlike most of you, I am a Amateur Radio operator (Radio Aficionado) and
have *years* of ingrained experience making comments via shortwave radio
in conversations that are "in the open", as required by law.  Most of
you have telecommunications experience *only* via telephone with the thought 
that you are talking privately and no one else is listening.  Of course, that
is true in only a limited sense.

When I talk on a shortwave band to someone in Maine or Israel or Australia
or wherever (rather frequently), I censor myself only to the limit of
complying with the laws and regulations that impinge on my operator's/
station license.  Otherwise, I say what I have on my mind and I am very
comfortable that others, beside the single identified station on the
other end of the circuit, are often listening....there are many, many
people listening (and I not counting the National Security Agency among

Though I receive email on my public comments (and thank you), I would
very much prefer that you communicate by posting it to the *same*
newsgroup where you read my comments.  That way, others will read both
my original post and your comments and ideas.  Your exposition will
broaden the conversation, enlighten not just me but others, and give
you all practice at speaking and expressing ideas in public (something
that many of your are just plain afraid of...also known as lurking).

BTW, all comments on "conserving bandwidth":  >/DEV/NUL

Have a nice day!  :^)

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