Antonio's numeric domain address, please

S. A. Modena samodena at
Wed Sep 9 21:19:13 EST 1992

This is addressed to Antonio:  AMOLINA at

My mailserver has absolutely no idea that you are in Espana.
May I make a suggestion (knowing that others also can not reach your
address over InterNet)?

Ask your system administrator what your NUMERIC InterNet address is.
For example,  there are two ways to address mail to me:

		nmodena at
                nmodena at

That second *numeric* address is absolute routing information ...if
the destination machine is running, it will receive the mail.  On
the other hand, though SYMBOLIC addresses ("", for example) are
actually preferred for operational reasons, they occasionally
fail.  Why?  Because there must be a machine in UseNet-Land that 
knows how to translate "" into a numeric address....and
from where I stand (a major InterNet Hub) that is not happening (SHAME

So, Tony, ask you system administrator what your numeric address is
and put it right under you signature, everytime.  :^)

Hope this helps out.

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