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>Subject: perplexed
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>>Subject:      department policy

>>So, my questions: Is the policy of this department fair? necessary?  And, in
>>my zeal to get a fair shake for women, was I being closeminded to the needs of
>>other minority groups?
>>Seems like a complex problem -- any thoughts on this?

To breifly summarrize the issue, the question had to do with
designating slots on committees to set numbers of males vs females
vs other minorities.  Central to all such efforts is the notion
that such a stratified sample ensures a greater diversity of
opinions and viewpoints than a simple random sample would.  The
necessity of it depends on whether those who are not a member
of some perceived category are incapable of adequately presenting
the viewpoint/needs of that group.  As an avowed XY feminist I
do take umbrage at such suggestions.  The other question is
whether ALL viewpoints and needs can be assured representation
by other pathways such as formal or informal queries to
committee members.  The ultimate result is to have all
committees as committees-of-the-whole, clearly an unworkable

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