bionet.bionette or bionet.women ?

Thu Sep 3 10:50:18 EST 1992

In article <5048 at>, una at (Una Smith) writes...
>Several months ago, there was a long discussion on WISENET
>about how women graduate students tend not to speak up, and
>the reasons for this.  There was fairly general agreement 
>that women are not repressed by the faculty or other students,
>but rather that they silence themselves.  One measure of
>success for a woman graduate student is learning to speak
>up and participate fully in the educational process (and in
>reseach in general).  I am saddened to see evidence of the
>same phenomenon in the discussions here on bionet.   

Eek! I am a woman and I think I have taken plenty of initiative for my own 
education. (Had to, but that's another story) I generally don't post
to the bionet groups because the discussion in them generally seems
to run at a very low intellectual level. A possible exception is
the information theory group, and I had to hit "kill" quite a bit recently
when the old Monty Hall travesty popped up again. I am in the field of
computational biology and I get pretty sick of seeing just postings
about "How can I run a sequence allignment program on X computer?"
or " What can I use to visualize proteins on a MacIntosh?"  This is as
if all of biochemistry and mo bio were reduced to " WHat is your
favorite marker for labeling test tubes?" Sorry, but I don't usually
post because there isn't much of intellectual interest in these
groups for me. I *do* keep reading for the occassional useful post.

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