Can I count?

Una Smith una at
Thu Sep 3 09:48:24 EST 1992

Steve Modena said:

>>> With the exception of one open post, Una could be making those numbers up.
>>> Why are there 14 offline expressions of opinions to two online?  

then pnh at (Paul N Hengen) said:

>> ...I trust her; don't we all?

and then tim at replied:

>Hmmm ...  if analysis of the {Marilyn vos Savant/Monty Hall/Let's Make a Deal}
>problem is used as a benchmark for assessing skill at manipulating numbers,
>then perhaps not ...   :)

Hey, even a brilliant, articulate person like myself can make mistakes
sometimes. ;-)  Monty Hall is right:  if the MC gives you the choice
of switching after one of the two doors you didn't pick is opened, then
you should switch.  I was wrong!  Satisfied?  Can we get on with science?


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