bionette stuff and flames

Kristin Brevik Andersson kbrevik at
Thu Sep 3 04:45:01 EST 1992

I think it's about time some of the participants (Steve Modena in particular)
cool off in the debate (?) about naming the "bionette" newsgroup!!  I'm wasting
time going through non-constructive and silly (!) postings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I suggest that such authors review the basic rules of posting/NOT posting 
messages to a newsgroup

The main points are

1.  The vote for .bionette went through, so obviously some of the Netters feel
    that such a newsgroup is useful.

2.   Just get on with deciding a name for the newsgroup as proposed by
     previous postings (name to Cassandra Smith)!

It should be quite easy for those interested to subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers  :-)

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