bionet.bionette or bionet.women ?

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Wed Sep 2 17:56:36 EST 1992

> 3. A number of people who voted and I presume have already, or will
> shortly, subscribe to bionette, are not the usual bionet subscribers.
> Thus, if we change the name before the formation of the newgroup, we
> will need to insure that the subscribers to bionette are subscribed to
> the newsgroup as they are not likely to see any announcements over the
> network.

No problem.  Both Daresbury and GenBank can handle any requests to
subscribe to bionette and ensure that they are signed up to whatever
the final name is.

> 4. The discussion of the name change is begin done over bioforum. I
> fear that there are scientists who may have useful suggestions and
> concerns about the name but do not subscribe to bioforum. Thus, it may
> be more useful to bring this issue to the subscribers to bionette
> after it is formed.In contrast the announement and voting for the
> formation of a newsgroup is to all subscribers.

When the newsgroup is formed the directory gets created in the bionet
hierarchy on machines all around the world.  It is much better to
resolve this first instead of creating and then promptly destroying
all of these files needlessly.  If it is O.K. with you, Cassandra, I
will post an announcement to BIONEWS/bionet.announce where the call
for votes, etc., were posted and ask people to send their naming
suggestions to you for your final decision.  You can send me text for
the announcement or I'll compose it myself, whichever you prefer.

While names are important to some extent my recommendation is not to
blow this out of proportion and just see if anything clever comes in
during the next couple of days.  I personally never had a problem with
bionette and think that it is more creative than the other options
that I have seen so far.


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