bionet.bionette or bionet.women ?

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Tue Sep 1 23:09:27 EST 1992

In article <1992Sep1.064103.3207 at>, samodena at (S. A. Modena) writes:
> Why are there 14 offline expressions of opinions to two online?  

Well, I didn't think it was worth wasting bandwidth.  I'm one of the people
who wrote to Una that I found "bionette" a bit cutesy, and preferred
bionet.women.  Doesn't really make a hair-ribbon's worth of difference to 
me what it's called, though.

I said the same to Dave K. when there was the slight hoo-hah earlier
about "I didn't see the proposal before the voting started" -- I
e-mailed him that I _had_ seen the proposal, and didn't find it 
worth commenting on my only objection, the name.  Mind you, I'm a plant
taxonomist, so I'm used to putting up with inappropriate names-- as
I said, I can stand any name, but I _prefer_ bionette.women.

> Wasn't the discussion period the time and place to dicuss renaming?
Dunno.  Are them the rules?  Does anyone truly care?  Does it really matter?

> Let's name it for what it is: bionet.apartheid......according to
> the dictionary:  "apart" = apart   "heid" = -hood....

Gee, I didn't catch the rule in the proposal that said "BOYS KEEP OUT".
I thought I read "to discuss subjects of interest to women in science"
or something close to that...   And some of my favorite feminists have
an XY chromosome complement.

Kay Klier    Biology Dept    UNI

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