more bionette stuff

amolina at es.cica amolina at es.cica
Tue Sep 1 12:13:54 EST 1992

	Steve Modena suggests to re-rename bionet-women (bionette, be-
fore) with the "real" name: bionet apartheid (according to the dictio-
nary it's perfect).
	If some people WANT to be appart from the rest because of their
gonads, that's a kind of appartheid.

	In a world where integration is becoming the wisest think, some
take the opposite way. I cannot understand (because of my Y chromosome?)
why they cannot discuss the things they'll discuss in bionette (or what
name on the hell they will give to the thing), but in bionet. 
	Sometimes I don't understand people (again this stupid Y chromo-
some?), but if you voted to create it, go ahead and ... can I be subs-

	bye ...

P.S. What would happen if all the men scientists asked to be subscribed
to bionette?

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