GenBank Farewell

Tue Sep 29 14:13:36 EST 1992

A GenBank Farewell

Jim Cassatt

Twas the night before GenBank,
And one heard a great plea
For the entry of nucleotides,
Every A, C, G, and T.

The journals were flooded
With sequences and data;
They had to be collected,
Sooner or later.

Then came the Government,
Along with Sir Walter,
To establish a database,
That would limp but not falter

They called in Bilofsky,
Rindone and others,
Found EMBL and Hamm,
With his sisters and brothers.

They struggled and labored
and tried to make do
With a dedicated staff,
But resources were few.

Along came Sir Charles
And the great Genome dream.
These little bits of sequence
Were great clues it would seem.

With the help of the leaders,
Money opened the door,
To manage this resource,
As never before.

New leaders were found in
Mike, Dave B. and Julie,
who joined burks, Paul and Michael
Boy! Were they unruly.

The database flourished;
It was easy to sell,
Along with its partners

Access was expanded,
And BIOSCI grew.
Dave K. was most pleased,
As everyone knew.

In the midst of all this,
A new baby sings,
Brought into this world
By a Pepper of all things

The baby soon grew,
And it soon became apparent
That GenBank would flourish
With the baby as parent.

So with the transfer of GenBank
to NCBI,
We look forward to great things
And bid our goodbye.

Accomplishments are many;
The database did grow,
Beyond all expectations
Of those in the know.

It is readily available
To all who would want it,
At little or no cost
Every word, byte and bit.

Good luck for the future.
We give you our child
To baby and to nurture.

The new tools look great;
The future is bright.
Happy sequencing to all,
and to all a good night!

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