Explanatory books

Tue Sep 29 13:49:00 EST 1992

     I was flipping through the September issue to Trends in Biochemical
Science over lunch today.  I noticed a book review of "Recombinant DNA" by
J. D. Watson and a few others (I'm not sure if it was a second edition).
According to the reviewer it was a easy to read and had references for
further reading in each section (for the grad. student as the article states).
I'm not sure if it is available yet but it might be what you are looking for.
If it is any good maybe you could tell us about it in a post...
A fellow grad. student,
  Joost Loijens
  Program in Cell and Molecular Biology     internet: jloijens at macc.wisc.edu
  University of Wisconsin-Madison           bitnet  : jloijens at wiscmac

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