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Thu Apr 1 03:51:35 EST 1993

Haifa, Israel
April 1993

                         Dear Madam/Sir

re:  Health Studies in Russian Immigrants to Israel
                 - A call for donors

The Department of Community Medicine and Epidemiology of Kupat Holim is
  responsible for collecting all health data relevant for the proper
  absorption in Israel of hundreds of thousands of new immigrants from the
  former USSR.
For this purpose the Department is assessing  health status, health behavior
  and health services utilization among the immigrant population. The following
   activities are currently underway:
1.A mail-in survey on disease prevalence and clinic visits on a national
2.An interview - based survey of health status, behavior and service
  utilization on a sample of immigrants residing in the town of Nazareth-Ilit.
3.Registration and follow-up of immigrants from "exposed areas" of the
  Chernobyl accident.
4.A study of the immunization status of the Russian immigrants, using blood
5.A controlled study of the usage of contraceptive methods by the new
6.A study of attitudes and use of medications.

The investigation of these as well as other issues and the implementation of
  intervention programs based on their results is of utmost importance. There
  are marked differences between the health systems in the former Russian
  republics and the Israeli health system, and also a large difference in
  mortality patterns and life expectancy between the two countries. For
  example, mortality of heart diseases is much higher in the Russians than in
  Israel, as is mortality from lung cancer.  We believe that with proper
  intervention we will be able to improve the health of these immigrants.

We are therefore issuing this call for donors to enable us to carry out the
  described activities and  to extend our work in this field.

The expected budget necessary for these and future studies is about $100,000.
  The Chernobyl study (no. 3 in the list) needs a budget of about $150,000.

All donations will be welcomed. Donations are tax deductible and will be
  received through Medical Development for Israel Inc., 130 East 59th Street,
  Suite 1203, WY, NY (contact Mr. Alfred Mekler, Tel (212)759-3370).
  Donors should specify that their contributions are earmarked for the Dept. of
  Community Medicine and Epidemiology in Carmel Hospital.

I urge you to join in this effort and take part in the successful absorption of
  the largest wave of immigrants this country has experienced in the last
  forty years.

I will be happy to answer any questions and provide additional information.
   Tel:  972-4-250474,
   Fax: 972-4-344358,
   Email: ierva01 at

          Sincerely yours,
          Gad Rennert,
          M.D., Ph.D., Chairman

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