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A.Wainwright eczcaw at
Thu Apr 1 03:54:54 EST 1993


My name is MA YUEJIE from PR China and I graduated from the Biology Department
of Wuhan University in 1982.  I am now studying in the UK.  I am trying to 
contact some of my friends who work or study in the US or Canada; particularly:

1.  Xiaopen Feng
2.  Jian Min Li
3.  An Hu
4.  Min Wu
5.  Hangzhang Zia
6.  Fei Huang
7.  Wei Chen
8.  Xingqiang Li

or others who studied in the Biology Department at that time.

My address is:

	Cancer Research Lab
	University of Nottingham
	University Park
	NG7 2RD

I am using my friend's email address; if you want to contact me by email
send to paxkmm at  

Thank you.
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