doing research in biology from another field

Thu Apr 1 10:03:36 EST 1993

In response to several inquiries, I am posting a list of Schools,
together with the Principal Investigator, that have Molecular
Biophysics Training Grants funded by NIGMS.  These are to support
graduate training leading to the Ph.D. degree.  For more
information contact the Graduate School at the School listed.

As noted in my earlier posting, one goal of the program is to
atrract students with "no traditional" backgrounds into the
field.  Especially welcome are students with strong quantitative
training, math, physics, chemistry, computer science, etc.
Experience has shown that is tends to be easier to teach students
biology than the other way around.

I should also add that in order to qualify for support from these
grants you must be either a US citizen or hold a "green" card.
Jim Cassatt
David DeRosier            Brandeis University
Peter Von Hippel          University of Oregon
Watt Webb                 Cornell University
Brian Reid                Unniversity of Washington
Martha Ludwig             University of Michigan
David Beveridge           Wesleyan University
Les Dutton                University of Pennsylvania
Andrew Wang               University of Illinois
Victor Bloomfield         University of Minnesota
Graham Palmer             Rice University
Barry Honig               Columbia University
Donald Crothers           Yale University
Irwin Kuntz               UC San Fransisco
Ken Rothchild            Boston University
John Markley              University of Wisconsin
Steven Boxer              Stanford University
Richard Mathies           UC Berkeley
John Johnson              Purdue University
Lila Gierasch             University of Texas/Dallas
Chuck Dismukes            Princeton University
Don Wiley                 Harvard University
Paul Schimmel             MIT
Wilma Olson               Rutgers University
James Staros              Vanderbilt
Burton Litman             University of Virginia
Mauricio Montal           UC San Diego
Jon Robertus              University of Texas/Auston
Jonathon Widom            Northwestern
Stuart McLaughlin         SUNY Stony Brook
Dixie Goss                Hunter
Eaton Lattman             Johns Hopkins

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