internet addresses for protein kinase data...

Susan Kretschmer sxk29 at po.CWRU.Edu
Thu Apr 1 22:50:49 EST 1993

Hi!  I'm relatively new to the Internet, and I wondered if I could get
help with specific internet addresses for sites with data on the following

protein kinases
retroviral insertion sequences
oncogenes and anti-oncogenes (any available data)
public domain software for mol bio applications (if there is any :-)

I've read the FAQ, but am uncertain exactly where to get started looking
for this stuff; I don't know much about gophers.  Can anyone tell me how
to get started?  This is probably info too basic for the newsgroup so
if you can send me personal email that would be great.

Also, I'm not supposed to spend money doing this so I am not looking for
any of the paid searching services, etc. 

Thanks very much! :)
Susie Kretschmer 
CWRU School of Medicine       "Don't ask me, I'm just improvising"
MSTP Class of 1998		 			--Rush, PRESTO

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