Codon usage tables

Conrad Halling chh9 at
Fri Apr 2 14:45:15 EST 1993

In article <1993Apr1.173600.1 at> tpryan at writes:
>Does anyone know of a database of codon usage tables and if so
>where it can be found? I am interested specifically in Rhizobiaceae.
>			John O'Brien.

I am writing a program for the Macintosh that analyzes open reading
frames based on codon usage and that builds codon tables from GenBank
or EMBL flat file format entries by parsing the features tables of
the entries.  Because the program is still under
development, it is not ready for general distribution yet.

However, I would be happy to make codon usage tables for you if you will 
tell me which species of the Rhizobiaceae you are interested in.  (Each 
one takes me about 2 hours; the chief labor is sorting through the GenBank 
entries to remove duplicate sequences.)  The output is in GCG format.
Conrad Halling
c-halling at

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