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Fri Apr 2 12:54:17 EST 1993

In article <1993Apr2.070034.10609 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk>, EWEN at WHMAIN.uel.ac.uk writes:
> Dear All,
> As one of the unfortunate few subscribing to the bionet under an e-
> mail protocol, I'm getting increasingly p'd off with the amount of
> non-biology related c**p coming over the net, and I'm sure I speak
> for many others (particularly on this side of the pond) when I say
> I appeal to everybody to at least lets pretend that what we send is
> biology related in some form or another, and if you lot "over there"
> want to knock political lumps off each other, do it in some other
> forum and leave my bit of the bandwidth alone.
> [...remainder deleted...]

Most of the current crop of opinions being crossposted into
bionet are either from, or in response to, mfriedma at us.oracle.com 
(Michael Friedman).  Mr. Friedman has been an obnoxiously vigorous 
(in both tone and quantity) debater throughout this mess.  I emailed 
him at the same time I emailed all the other active participants, 
but to date he has not responded.  I will be trying to contact his 
postmaster today.

As it appears that Mr. Freiman only cares to respond to counter-
arguments, but *not* email, and *not* articles crossreferenced
to his posts, unless someone makes a case against it, I expect to
followup his two most recent posts with the boilerplate following
my .sig.  One will have bionet completely removed from distribution,
so it will not show up in bionet.general or bionet.sci-resources.

The other I intend to give a new subject title, probably:  
"Please STOP mfriedma at us.oracle.com (Michael Friedman) 
from Crossposting to bionet".

Question:  Should I:

1) Exclude the bionet domain completely, so that subscribers do
not have to wade thru my tedious prose a second time?
2) Include bionet.general in the post, but direct followups
out of bionet?  The advantage here is that subscribers can
export their objections to the world at large -- by posting
a followup, their complaints would be seen by the debators,
rather than (only) by the non-debators on bionet.  Note that 
the followups would *NOT* appear in bionet, so those who wanted 
to verify that their posts got out would need to check in one 
of the crossposted groups (say, sci.bio).
3) Include bionet.general in followups.  I suppose this has 
an advantage of giving a sense of feedback (and insuring that
objections are archived (^; ), but my own (strong) feeling 
on this is that this is a negligble advantage.

I'm basically willing to do whatever is best for the health
of bionet; I think that if even one person will do a followup
then (2) becomes the prefered choice.

Suggestions, objections, counterproposals, titles, etc solicited.

David Roller                               Bitnet = dr at auducvax
Auburn University                        Internet = dr at ducvax.auburn.edu
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---------boilerplate follows.---cut here (snip)------------------------------
[] in article <article number here> mfriedma at us.oracle.com (Michael Friedman)
[] continues to irresponibly crosspost to bionet, a research forum:
[] > [...unwanted, inappropriate opinion deleted...]
[] I emailed all active participants of this debate when I made
[] my first post requesting that participants remove the bionet
[] domain from followups.
[] I excerpt the subject and text of that email message, 
[] sent 29Mar93 11:17 CST:
[]   dr>Subj:	Request regarding crossposting of 
[]   dr>        "Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sovietology Exercise" thread
[]   dr>Hello --
[]   dr>
[]   dr>I've posted a request to the net that future posts on the 
[]   dr>"Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sovietology Exercise" thread *not* 
[]   dr>include the bionet groups, (ie. bionet.general & bionet.sci-resources).
[]   dr>As one of the active participants in the thread, you are in a better 
[]   dr>position than most to help with this -- your help in this matter of 
[]   dr>good net-citizenship would be most appreciated.
[]   dr>
[]   dr>	Thanks in advance,
[]   dr>	D.R.
[] I have received supportive email from both non-participants and
[] participants, and I am grateful for that.  Of those who did not
[] reply (and in many cases there is not necessarily an obligation 
[] to reply) to my knowledge only Mr. Friedman continues to crosspost.
[] I will be sending email to his postmaster, to try and resolve
[] this problem.
[] The other thing I am doing, in this post, is ask the net community
[] at large:  If/When responding to Mr. Freiman's posts, check the
[] distribution, insure that the bionet domain is removed (*), and
[] guide Mr. Freiman's posts into more appropriate newsgroups.  
[] (*) From your reply as well, please -- I doubt anyone in bionet 
[]     takes Mr. Freiman's posts as worthy of intellectual attention.
[] 		Thank you,
[] 		D.R.
[] David Roller                           Bitnet = dr at auducvax         
[] Auburn University                    Internet = dr at ducvax.auburn.edu
[] Sys Mgr, Postmaster                  Voicenet = (205) 844-4512      
[] Applicable putative quote:   "We are not amused" -- Queen Victoria

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